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Welcome to Kick Online Magazine!  A place where you can relax and have fun reading postings about hiking, biking, kayaking, swimming, destination travel reviews, movie reviews, product reviews, wellness and recipe ideas, going green ideas, and so much more!

Kick is a work in progress online magazine that will be evolving over time dedicated to helping the every day person on getting a motivating start or continued push into the awareness of staying healthy and active in today's ever changing and hectic environment.

Our writers are every day people with the same concerns of quality of life maintenance and of focus on the relevant issues that create one's mindfulness, wellness, and active lifestyle.  There will be articles/blogs written in a wide range of topics to which our writers are passionate and hold dear to their hearts written with our readers in mind.




Who Inspires You?New! Who do you look up to for inspiration?  A famous celebrity?  A family member?  Well, in meeting Kapono Kobylanski and getting to know him for the last four years.  I would say that I look up to him and many others look up to him too.  He is from Hawaii; .....


A Journey to Cheertastic!New! It was a sunny afternoon at the end of winter in sunny Anaheim, California to where the Cheertastic was happening – the USA Jr. Nationals sponsored by Disneyland® Resort and Downtown .....


Anatomy Saturdays - My Muscle Sonnets Movement in its isolation creates motivation and fortifies the life that we want to live.  We are constantly held down by the very establishment that we work for .....


Lifestyles of the Rich and Ren Fair  Sometimes I just want to get away to a place that makes me feel I’ve got a million dollars in my pocket.  A place I feel at ease, safe, and tranquil .....


The Sound of Music at Swim With Mike  The sound of music and of people clamoring to watch the Belly Flop divers at the “Swim With Mike” fundraiser event this year at USC’s Swim .....


Why Do We Give Up On Our Dreams?  I don't know about you, but sometimes I feel like I have given up on my dreams.  Look at the economy for instance.  How many people have been .....



The information and stories on this website are solely for entertainment purposes only and are the opinions of its writers and editors and in no way to be misconstrued or meant to replace your physician's advise.  But, merely to enhance modern medical everyday opinion.

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